Spine Center Spruce Up Underway

Dr. Evan Johnson Story

From left to right: Dr. Kaiser, Mr. Mueller & Dr. Johnson

Dr. Evan Johnson, Director of Physical Therapy at The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York, tells us their big renovation is underway and they are making great progress.

The renovation includes a significant expansion of the space. The physical therapy gym will double in size and the waiting area will be enlarged and reconfigured. Another exam room and two new office spaces will also go in to accommodate the growing number of patients and Spine Hospital team members. They recently brought in a new spine surgeon, Dr. Christopher Mandigo (more on that later) and a new nurse, Martha Rivera, who will be working with spine surgeons Dr. Peter Angevine and Dr. Alfred Ogden.

“The Spine Hospital renovation has been made possible by our patients,” says Dr. Johnson. “Committed to the kind of care we provide, several grateful patients of ours have backed the project. Mr. Robert Mueller has generously helped and also spearheaded a large fundraising effort on our behalf. We are deeply grateful that he has embraced our vision of personalized patient care.”

Mr. Mueller was first introduced to The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute, six years ago when he broke his back in a snowmobile accident. Dr. Michael Kaiser, Center Neurosurgeon and expert in complex spinal surgery, was able to patch him back up during a ten hour procedure. “I have two 29 inch rods, a cage, and eleven screws in my back,” says Mr. Mueller who just turned 70. “I have no pain and I can do anything I want, that is–except snowmobiling–my wife won’t let me do that anymore.”

After his injury, Mr. Mueller had several months of therapy and has remained good friends with his team at the Spine Hospital. “I love them. It is the only place, that I am aware of, where the therapy is right next to the doctors’ offices,” says Mr. Mueller. “There was a lot of communication between Evan and Dr. Kaiser and I really felt that if I had any kind of a question or issue about anything that Evan could talk to Kaiser anytime that he wanted. I really benefited from that. I felt that was a great set up and I wanted to help them make even better use of their space. You can’t put a price on your health,” says Mr. Mueller. “Especially at my age. I feel so good about how I feel and the things I am able to do now. I am happy to be helping the Spine Hospital. I know the people involved, I know exactly what is being done, and I am really excited about it.”

“We continue to expand and modernize in response to patient demand for the personal and excellent care we endeavor to give to all of our patients,” says Dr. Johnson. “We anticipate completion of work by end of January 2013.”

Posted on Dec 21, 2012 by Department Author

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