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Nurse Practitioner Maria Farrow Attends the First Spine Symposium at NYP’s Och Spine Hospital

Jul. 10, 2018

Maria Farrow, MSN, APRN–BC, nurse practitioner, at the first spine symposium at the Daniel and Jane Och Spine Hospital at NewYork-Presbyterian.

The Daniel and Jane Och Spine Hospital at NewYork-Presbyterian hosted its first symposium on spinal care, and New York Presbyterian nurse practitioner Maria Farrow was able to attend the event, held in May during Nurses Week.

“It was especially wonderful that nurses and nurse practitioners were well represented among the presenters,” says Farrow. The Spine Symposium brought together spine nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals that make up the multidisciplinary teams used to take care of patients at the Spine Hospital.

Participants learned the latest in spine care, including techniques for managing pain after surgery and the benefits of exercise during recovery. Farrow also says she was able to interact with the speakers and get hands-on experience with a variety of new devices, all while earning continuing education credits.

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Spring 2018 Highlights From The Spine Hospital at the Neurological Institute of New York

Jul. 5, 2018


Dr. Anderson Answers Questions About Pediatric Scoliosis on Facebook Live

Jun. 29, 2018


Recent Patient Stories

For Chiari Surgery, Jack’s Family Traveled to Find Their “Home Team”

Jul. 17, 2018


Jack Cacace’s journey to pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Anderson started, of all things, with a shoulder injury. When Jack got checked into the boards (thrown into the side of the rink) during an ice hockey game, he received a visit to urgent care, a diagnosis of a mild shoulder separation and a recommendation to take an over-the-counter pain reliever as needed.

But, says his mom, Josephine, over the next week or so Jack was just kind of “off.” The 12-year-old was tired a lot—he would go to sleep in the afternoon when he got home from school—and he was having headaches, headaches that seemed to be getting worse. Jack’s mom began to wonder if there was something going on besides a shoulder injury.

There was.

Jack’s pediatrician was concerned that Jack might have a concussion—and that if he did, the particular pain reliever he had been taking for his shoulder injury might have increased his risk of bleeding in the brain. So out of an abundance of caution, she ordered a CT scan to check for bleeds.

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Lucky is the Man with the Titanium Cage in his Spine

Apr. 13, 2018


“I Stand Corrected”: Davarn Wright’s Story of Spinal Stenosis

Mar. 2, 2018

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